About Dawn

Dawn has been involved in the Lord’s ministry, in lay capacities, since 1971. Although faithfully attending her congregations, volunteering and attending prayer meetings, and growing in her understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures, it wasn’t until 2015 that she began to receive greater revelations from the Lord. Throughout 2015 and 2016 Dawn’s networking throughout Washington, USA and British Columbia, Canada increased. She also started the Washington State Revival Network to facilitate communications between congregations, and encourage individuals to visit groups experiencing REVIVAL.

In June 2017 the Lord began expanding Dawn’s ministry to the Nations: first into Africa, then India, Pakistan and Asian countries. Her heart is to reach those in the rural and less populated areas as well as the larger cities. Dawn’s international ministry was forming in late 2017 and now Glory Fire Army International Ministries is registered in the State of Washington, USA.

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