Glory Fire Army International Ministries

Glory Fire Army Intl Ministries


The focus of Glory Fire Army International Ministries (GFAI) is primarily to UNITE and EQUIP the Body of Christ throughout the Earth. GFAI seeks to NETWORK with like-minded individuals with the goal is to REACH the World for Christ Jesus/Messiah Yeshua.


  • Calling: We are a BRIDGE between Peoples and Nations. Called to carry the Gospel to the Nations, while supporting evangelism and growth of the Gospel in our local countries. Uniting leaders within each country and region to move forth to DEMONSTRATE the Kingdom of God with POWER.


  • Accountability: We are accountable not only to our Lord and Savior, but also to our local church leaders, our peers, our spouses, families and to those whom we serve.


  • Intercession: Praying, interceding and decreeing for one another, our nations and the World will set the ground work for moving into regions that have not been accessible previously. As the Lord confirms, we will travel to the Nations. His timing is PERFECT.


  • Building up one another: We are united in the LOVE of the Lord, showing His Love forth to one another and the World. The fruit of the Spirit is how we live. It is crucial that we model our ministry and fellowship after the early church or we fall into error.


  • Instruction: Teachings will be developed and posted to Facebook, Social Cross, and YouTube so that many will be able to view. We must all remain teachable, and also as the Bereans checking the teachings against the Scriptures to be sure that error has not slipped in.


  • Gifts and Anointing: We are praying for ourselves and each other that the Gifts of God will be ACTIVATED and in full operation in our lives. Each of us do not receive all the gifts, but the Holy Spirit distributes as He sees fit. We pray for the MANIFESTATION of His Discernment, Wisdom and Gifts in each within this ministry. We are becoming able ministers for the Lord.


  • We are FAMILY: In a family there is LOVE, concern and support for one another. There is no fear. Everyone is a critical part of the Body of the Lord. Each member of His Body is IMPORTANT; and your part in this ministry is likewise as important.


Note: this ministry is growing rapidly, having just begun a year ago. Currently we have a Facebook group to unite like-minded individuals.  The closed group is located here: Glory Fire Army International Ministries

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