Dec. 14th, 2018 Declarations: God Exalts Those Who Wait on Him!


December 14, 2018 – Isaiah 30:18-22; Psalm 37:32-40; Romans 12:12-16; 2 Peter 3:8-18 (NASB)

Isaiah 30:18-22:  18 Therefore the Lord longs to be gracious to you, and therefore He waits on high to have compassion on you. For the Lord is a God of justice; how blessed are all those who long for Him.

19 O people in Zion, inhabitant in Jerusalem, you will weep no longer. He will surely be gracious to you at the sound of your cry; when He hears it, He will answer you. 20 Although the Lord has given you bread of privation and water of oppression, He, your Teacher will no longer hide Himself, but your eyes will behold your Teacher. 21 Your ears will hear a word behind you, “This is the way, walk in it,” whenever you turn to the right or to the left. 22 And you will defile your graven images overlaid with silver, and your molten images plated with gold. You will scatter them as an impure thing, and say to them, “Be gone!”

Psalm 37:32-40:  32 The wicked spies upon the righteous and seeks to kill him. 33 The Lord will not leave him in his hand or let him be condemned when he is judged. 34 Wait for the Lord and keep His way, and He will exalt you to inherit the land; when the wicked are cut off, you will see it.

35 I have seen a wicked, violent man spreading himself like a luxuriant tree in its native soil. 36 Then he passed away, and lo, he was no more; I sought for him, but he could not be found. 37 Mark the blameless man, and behold the upright; for the man of peace will have a posterity. 38 But transgressors will be altogether destroyed; the posterity of the wicked will be cut off. 39 But the salvation of the righteous is from the Lord; He is their strength in time of trouble. 40 The Lord helps them and delivers them; He delivers them from the wicked and saves them, because they take refuge in Him.

Romans 12:12-16:  12 rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer, 13 contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality. 14 Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse. 15 Rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep. 16 Be of the same mind toward one another; do not be haughty in mind, but associate with the lowly. Do not be wise in your own estimation.

2 Peter 3:8-18:  But do not let this one fact escape your notice, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years like one day. The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance.

10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up.

11 Since all these things are to be destroyed in this way, what sort of people ought you to be in holy conduct and godliness, 12 looking for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be destroyed by burning, and the elements will melt with intense heat! 13 But according to His promise we are looking for new heavens and a new earth, in which righteousness dwells.

14 Therefore, beloved, since you look for these things, be diligent to be found by Him in peace, spotless and blameless, 15 and regard the patience of our Lord as salvation; just as also our beloved brother Paul, according to the wisdom given him, wrote to you, 16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which the untaught and unstable distort, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction. 17 You therefore, beloved, knowing this beforehand, be on your guard so that you are not carried away by the error of unprincipled men and fall from your own steadfastness, 18 but grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To Him be the glory, both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.

I write these decrees in the Name of Jesus Christ and in His authority and through His power. The Angelic troops stand ready to dispatch these decrees to the heavenly realms to the rulers, and authorities, and to post in the King’s Palace (Revelations 2 and 3, Ephesians 3:10, Esther 8:10, 13).

»  I decree and declare the Lord/Adonai is LOOKING for those who WAIT for Him, those whose Hearts YEARN for His Presence; to these He is GRACIOUS! God SHOWS FAVOR and PITIES those who TURN to Him.

»  I decree and declare WEEP NO MORE, Children of God Most High/El ‘Elyon! At the sound of your cry HE has SHOWN HIS GRACE; on HEARING it, He has ANSWERED YOU! Though you have had times of minimal provision, your TEACHER WILL NO LONGER HIDE HIMSELF, but with your own eyes YOU WILL SEE YOUR TEACHER!

»  I decree and declare your God/Elohim, your TEACHER, will speak; you will hear a WORD from behind you: “THIS IS THE WAY; STAY ON IT, whether you go to the right or the Left.” You will SEPARATE yourselves from the things you used to hold dear; they are now abhorrent to you; you will toss them away.

»  I decree and declare the Lord WILL NOT LEAVE YOU, Righteous Ones! You are not left stranded by the power of the wicked; they will not be able to condemn you when you are judged. YOU PUT YOUR HOPE IN THE LORD/ADONAI; you keep to His WAY, and HE WILL RAISE YOU UP to inherit the Land. When the wicked are cut off, you will SEE IT!

»  I decree and declare the wicked, who seem to be flourishing, will QUICKLY VANISH; they will not be found. The PURE and UPRIGHT of God will have POSTERITY, while the transgressors will all be destroyed. The Lord/Adonai SAVES the RIGHTEOUS; He is their STRONGHOLD in the time of trouble. He HELPS them and RESCUES them, RESCUES them from the wicked and saves them; because THEY TAKE REFUGE IN HIM!

»  I decree and declare you REJOICE in your HOPE and are PATIENT in your troubles; you CONTINUE STEADFASTLY IN PRAYER! Daily, you SHARE what you have with God’s People, practicing HOSPITALITY.

»  I decree and declare you BLESS those who persecute you; you BLESS THEM and do not curse them. You REJOICE with those who rejoice and WEEP with those who weep. You are SENSITIVE to one another’s NEEDS, not thinking yourselves better than others, rather you make HUMBLE People your FRIENDS!

»  I decree and declare with the Lord/Adonai, ONE DAY is like a THOUSAND YEARS and a THOUSAND YEARS is like ONE DAY! The Lord/Adonai IS NOT SLOW in keeping His PROMISES, rather HE IS PATIENT not wanting anyone to be destroyed, but that EVERYONE SHOULD TURN FROM THEIR SINS.

»  I decree and declare the Day of the Lord/Adonai WILL COME LIKE A THIEF. On that Day the Heavens will DISAPPEAR with a ROAR, the Elements will MELT and DISINTEGRATE, and the Earth and everything in it will be burned up. Ensure that you LEAD HOLY and GODLY LIVES, as you WAIT FOR THE DAY OF GOD and WORK to hasten its coming.

»  I decree and declare you WALK IN HOLINESS that the TRUTH and LOVE of Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah will be SEEN and KNOWN by the World. You are doing everything you can to be found by Him without spot or defect and at peace. You see that our Lord’s PATIENCE creates greater opportunities for DELIVERANCE to the World. You are continuing to grow in GRACE and KNOWLEDGE of our Lord/Adonai and Deliverer, Jesus Christ/Yeshua Messiah.

»  I decree and declare a CLEANSING and UNIFYING of the people of this land as these decrees go forth.

In the name of King Jesus Christ, empowered and led of the Holy Spirit of God, we dispatch the Angelic troops, throughout this land and in the spirit realm, to deliver these decrees to all, both flesh and spirit. The enemy, the principalities and powers, have no authority to act against these decrees of our King, the Lord God Almighty; their actions will be of no effect to God’s chosen ones, but will be turned back on themselves for destruction.

The Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, we praise Your Name for You are True and Faithful and Just to perform it.  Amen!


Dawn Flores

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