Declarations: God Will Not Disappoint!


August 29, 2019 – Psalm 22:4-5, 22-31; 39:1-11; Romans 5:1-5; Jeremiah 17:5-14 (NASB)

Psalm 22:4-5, 22-31:  In You our fathers trusted; they trusted and You delivered them. To You they cried out and were delivered; in You they trusted and were not disappointed.…

22 I will tell of Your name to my brethren; in the midst of the assembly I will praise You. 23 You who fear the Lord, praise Him; all you descendants of Jacob, glorify Him, and stand in awe of Him, all you descendants of Israel. 24 For He has not despised nor abhorred the affliction of the afflicted; nor has He hidden His face from him; but when he cried to Him for help, He heard.

25 From You comes my praise in the great assembly; I shall pay my vows before those who fear Him. 26 The afflicted will eat and be satisfied; those who seek Him will praise the Lord. Let your heart live forever! 27 All the ends of the earth will remember and turn to the Lord, and all the families of the nations will worship before You. 28 For the kingdom is the Lord’s and He rules over the nations. 29 All the prosperous of the earth will eat and worship, all those who go down to the dust will bow before Him, even he who cannot keep his soul alive. 30 Posterity will serve Him; it will be told of the Lord to the coming generation. 31 They will come and will declare His righteousness to a people who will be born, that He has performed it.

Romans 5:1-5:  1 Therefore, having been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ, through whom also we have obtained our introduction by faith into this grace in which we stand; and we exult in hope of the glory of God. And not only this, but we also exult in our tribulations, knowing that tribulation brings about perseverance; and perseverance, proven character; and proven character, hope; and hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out within our hearts through the Holy Spirit who was given to us.

Jeremiah 17:5-14:  Thus says the Lord, “Cursed is the man who trusts in mankind and makes flesh his strength, and whose heart turns away from the Lord. “For he will be like a bush in the desert and will not see when prosperity comes, but will live in stony wastes in the wilderness, a land of salt without inhabitant. “Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord and whose trust is the Lord. “For he will be like a tree planted by the water, that extends its roots by a stream and will not fear when the heat comes; but its leaves will be green, and it will not be anxious in a year of drought nor cease to yield fruit.

“The heart is more deceitful than all else and is desperately sick; who can understand it? 10 “I, the Lord, search the heart, I test the mind, even to give to each man according to his ways, according to the results of his deeds. 11 “As a partridge that hatches eggs which it has not laid, so is he who makes a fortune, but unjustly; in the midst of his days it will forsake him, and in the end he will be a fool.”

12 A glorious throne on high from the beginning is the place of our sanctuary. 13 O Lord, the hope of Israel, all who forsake You will be put to shame. Those who turn away on earth will be written down, because they have forsaken the fountain of living water, even the Lord. 14 Heal me, O Lord, and I will be healed; save me and I will be saved, for You are my praise.

Psalm 39:1-11:  1 I said, “I will guard my ways that I may not sin with my tongue; I will guard my mouth as with a muzzle while the wicked are in my presence.” I was mute and silent, I refrained even from good, and my sorrow grew worse. My heart was hot within me, while I was musing the fire burned; then I spoke with my tongue: “Lord, make me to know my end and what is the extent of my days; let me know how transient I am. “Behold, You have made my days as handbreadths, and my lifetime as nothing in Your sight; surely every man at his best is a mere breath. Selah. “Surely every man walks about as a phantom; surely they make an uproar for nothing; he amasses riches and does not know who will gather them.

“And now, Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in You. “Deliver me from all my transgressions; make me not the reproach of the foolish. “I have become mute, I do not open my mouth, because it is You who have done it. 10 “Remove Your plague from me; because of the opposition of Your hand I am perishing. 11 “With reproofs You chasten a man for iniquity; You consume as a moth what is precious to him; surely every man is a mere breath. Selah.

I write these decrees in the Name of Jesus Christ and in His authority and through His power. The Angelic troops stand ready to dispatch these decrees to the heavenly realms to the rulers, and authorities, and to post in the King’s Palace (Revelation 2 and 3, Ephesians 3:10, Esther 8:10, 13).

»  I decree and declare in YOU, Lord/Adonai, I put my TRUST, knowing You will DELIVER me! I LOOK to You and PRAISE Your Holy Name! I will TRUST and not be disappointed. Your WAYS are far above my ways and the ways of men I WILL PUT MY TRUST IN YOU!

»  I decree and declare Your Name to my brothers and sisters. I will PRAISE You, Lord God Almighty/Adonai El Shaddai, amid the Congregation. All who FEAR the Lord/Adonai, PRAISE HIM, GLORIFY HIM, and REVERE HIM!

»  I decree and declare the Lord/Adonai does not despise nor disdain the suffering of the Lowly One; nor has He hidden His Face from him, but when he cried to Him, HE HEARD! To You, Lord/Adonai will I LIFT MY PRAISE in the great assembly!

»  I decree and declare all the ends of the Earth will REMEMBER and TURN to the Lord/Adonai. All the Families of the Nations will BOW DOWN before You, Lord/Adonai. For the Kingdom BELONGS to You, and You RULE over the Nations!

»  I decree and declare we are made RIGHTEOUS by TRUSTING and by doing so we have PEACE/SHALOM with God/Elohim through our Lord Jesus Christ/Adonai Yeshua the Messiah. Through Him we also have GAINED ACCESS by FAITH into this GRACE in which we STAND and BOAST in the HOPE OF GOD’S/ELOHIM’S GLORY!

»  I decree and declare we also boast in SUFFERING – knowing that suffering PRODUCES PERSEVERANCE, and perseverance, CHARACTER; and character, HOPE! And HOPE DOES NOT DISAPPOINT, because God’s/Elohim’s LOVE has been poured into our Hearts through the Holy Spirit/Ruach HaKodesh Who was given to us!

»  I decree and declare I will not trust in man or depend on the arm of flesh; nor will I turn from the Lord/Adonai. I WILL TRUST ONLY IN THE LORD/MY GOD! I am BLESSED for I TRUST in the Lord/Adonai; my CONFIDENCE is in Him, and Him alone!

»  I decree and declare I am as a Tree PLANTED BY THE WATERS, spreading out its Roots by a Stream. It has NO FEAR when heat comes, but its leaves will be green. It does not worry in a year of drought, nor depart from yielding fruit.

»  I decree and declare Lord/Adonai YOU ARE MY HOPE! You are the Hope of Israel! All who forsake You will be ashamed. Those who depart from You will be written in the dirt, for they have forsaken the Lord/Adonai, the FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATERS. You, Lord/Adonai, HEAL me; by Jesus’/Yeshua’s STRIPES I was healed. You have SAVED me! Christ/Messiah is the Lamb that was slain, but ROSE AGAIN and sits at Your Right Hand. Father, Abba, YOU ARE MY PRAISE!

»  I decree and declare my Lord/Adonai, what do I wait for? MY HOPE IS IN YOU! Deliver me from all my transgressions.  You will not make me the scorn of a fool. You have chastened me, but You have RAISED me up by the strength of Your Spirit/Ruach. I PRAISE YOUR HOLY NAME!

»  I decree and declare a CLEANSING and UNIFYING of the people of this land as these decrees go forth.

In the name of King Jesus Christ, empowered and led of the Holy Spirit of God, we dispatch the Angelic troops, throughout this land and in the spirit realm, to deliver these decrees to all, both flesh and spirit. The enemy, the principalities and powers, have no authority to act against these decrees of our King, the Lord God Almighty; their actions will be of no effect to God’s chosen ones, but will be turned back on themselves for destruction.

The Lord God Almighty, Maker of Heaven and Earth, we praise Your Name for You are True and Faithful and Just to perform it.  Amen!

Dawn Flores

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