ANNOUNCEMENT – Declarations Books are Here!

Declarations: With God’s Words, You Will Overcome!

-Book 1: Spiritual Warfare-

-Book 2: Leadership Consecratons-

-Book 3: Unity in the Body-

-Book 4: Your Strength is in the Lord-

Coming Soon:

-Book 5: Ignite Your Destiny-

And more…

SEE NEW PAGE, DECLARATIONS BOOKS, for more information!

The Books are free, please help to spread the Word of God and HOPE!

Blessings always,


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2 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT – Declarations Books are Here!

  1. How do I get the free declarations books? Blessings!


    1. I am still working here on the blog to have them available. They are uploaded but can’t link. I can email to you or you can download directly from website. Go to Authors > Dawn Flores. At the top of my page are all four books. This might be the easiest for you. All are free. Blessings.


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